Goal, Guidelines and Values


Our mission is to be the point of reference in the fields of forest, environment and civil engineering while actively improving social welfare, sustainable development and respect towards the environment.


Our goal is to achieve the following targets:


Progressing and improving day after day through a chosen path, advancing in a responsible and efficient way, and maintaining our commitment to quality, environment and health and safety of workers and cooperators.

Establishing ourselves as a national company and empowering our international developing, focusing on our introduction in developing countries while promoting clean and sustainable growth mechanisms.

Searching new markets and services to offer while maintaining a sustainable growth and the diversification of our products.


Professional ethics and commitment. Our commitment is our best guarantee. We give you professional advice in an honest way and we try to do so from an objective point of view. Our customers and suppliers’ trust is based on our loyalty and moral integrity. From the board of directors to labourers, we all commit to act trustworthily, honestly and transparently.

Soundness. We are a sound and trustworthy company. We believe in a sustainable growth with good foundations based on the stability of our production structures, the welfare of our workers and the guarantee and efficiency of our services.


Corporate responsibility. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility towards the environment we live and work in, and towards the different agents and social groups with which we interact on a daily basis, whether they are employees, customers, cooperators or other people affected by our actions.

We are constantly looking for a long-term sustained benefit and try to transmit a sense of company culture to be applied to our day-to-day corporate values establishing management standards related to quality, occupational health & safety, and environment to show our social commitment.

A responsible corporate management for social, economic and environment improvement.

Human value. We believe in what we do, that is why we give our best. We count on professionals with high principles, who are responsible, and involve themselves in the development of our company and reaching our goals. We also encourage their continuous training, teamwork, and their professional and personal conciliation.


Environment. We commit to preserve the environment and therefore promote the rational and sustainable use of natural resources trying to control and minimize consumerism, residues, emissions and wastes. Plus, we integrate all of our works in the environment so as to reduce impact.

Thanks to the certification of our ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, we work for sustainability.

Prevention. We take care of the safety and health of our workers. We establish exhaustive procedures we rigorously apply using preventive measures to remove or minimize risks with the intention of actively fight accidents at the workplace.

We go for safety: our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is certified by OHSAS 18001:2007.

Excellence. Excellence is our goal for professional fulfilment and total satisfaction of our customers, even though we are aware of how important it is to improve day after day. Finding the best solution is our only acceptable result.

We look for quality: our Quality Management System is certified by ISO 9001:2008.