BM TRADA certifies –according to OHSAS 18001:2007 Regulation- the Occupational Health and Safety Management System that SERVITEC applies to all activities of the company.

2 July, 2013

Noticia 2_Motoserrista

After a three-month audit process composed of two phases, the company BM TRADA Certification has certified -according to OHSAS 18001:2007- the Occupational Health and Safety Management System that Servitec Medioambiente applies to all the activities of the company.

With more than 30 years of experience and worldwide presence, BM TRADA Certification is one of the most important certification entities in the United Kingdom. Audits performed by this leading company in the certification field as an independent third party reduce the risk of potential accidents and provide obvious advantages and benefits for the audited companies.

The first phase of the audit consisted in analyzing all the documentation of the system and all processes related to the activities of the company. For this purpose, relevant conversations where made with the personnel and board of directors of the organization, so as to estimate the degree to which the company was ready to perform the next phase of the audit.

In the second phase, the certification company visited all facilities of Servitec Medioambiente and performed another documentation review, analysis of processes, identification of hazards, evaluation of risks and creation of controls in situ. Evidences of compliance with the auditing regulation were searched at every moment.

Servitec Medioambiente shows its concern towards the health and safety of its workers using an Occupational Health and Safety Management System following OHAS 18001 regulations -the main standards of this field. These regulations try to improve health and safety at the workplace through a systematic and structured management.

In consequence, it is possible to promote healthy and safe workplaces thanks to a framework allowing the company to coherently identify and control its health and safety hazards, reduce potential accidents, support law enforcement and generally improve performance.