SERVITEC becomes one of the only 28 Spanish companies supporting the Caring for Climate program of the United Nations.

22 April, 2013

Servitec Medioambiente is one of the companies supporting the international initiative Caring for Climate, promoted by the Global Compact and the UN Environment Programme to foster the role of the business world in the strategy against climate change.

climat changeIn April 2013, several months of hard work came to a conclusion for Servitec Medioambiente when signing a commitment to support the initiative and make it part of their policy. From that moment on, as a signatory, they acquired the responsibility of joining efforts -individually and collectively- so as to protect the environment and fighting climate change.

Caring for Climate was created by the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in 2007, and it became the initiative of the UN Environment Programme and the UN Global Compact to promote the role of all companies in the fight against climate change. It also became a framework for business leaders looking for practical solutions fighting climate change.

Nowadays, this programme is supported by 345 organizations from different countries, 28 of them from Spain. The international characteristics of all signatories help strengthening the main goal of Caring for Climate: alleviate the consequences of climate change all around the globe.

Supporting this initiative, Servitec Medioambiente goes one step ahead in their already existing commitment -thanks to its environment policy and the ISO-14001 certifications- promoting its efforts regarding the fight against climate change, fixing and reducing its CO2 emissions, and showing that this leading company is socially and environmentally responsible.