Occupation Health and Safety

Interior Seguridad 1Being worried about the health and safety of our workers, we have introduced a health & safety management system promoting safe and healthy workplaces so as to create a framework in which the company can coherently identify and control any health & safety risks, reduce possible accidents, support law enforcement and generally improve performance.

This is the reason why the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System is used.

Thanks to this, we can be sure that any work performed by the company will be carried out under the best existing prevention and safety standards and that the equipments to be used -for individual, team or work protection- fulfil all necessary safety measures and that all personnel has enough experience and training for their position.


Taking into account the importance the company gives to all standards used for preventing accidents at the workplace and professional diseases, Servitec Medioambiente complements the system looking for support in expert personnel through an external prevention team. They mainly take care of evaluating and identifying risks, and watch our workers’ health through regular medical checkups.

The Health and Safety Management System is checked and tuned up by the certification authority BM TRADA Certification, authorised by UKAS.

iso45001_color_pos_v2Read the Occupation Health and Safety Certification