Servitec vs. Climate Change

Servitec Medioambiente takes one step further in their responsibility towards the environment and they strengthen their commitment participating in volunteer initiatives to promote practical measures against climate change and its negative effects over our planet.

Apart from supporting related programs and initiatives, the company uses as a guideline for their environment policy a huge number of international agreements and treaties related to environment and fighting climate change.

Servitec Medioambiente
Supporting Global Compact
We accept and commit the principles of this pact, including articles 7, 8 and 9, related to environment.

Servitec Medioambiente
Supporting “Caring for Climate”
A UN Global Compact and United Nations Environment Program’s initiative.
Servitec Medioambiente
United Nations Framework Convention
Servitec’s policy is based on the principles of this convention.

Servitec Medioambiente
Kyoto Protocol
We accept this protocol which implements the principals of the United Nations Convention.

Servitec Medioambiente
MDL Project Management
A mechanism regulating cooperation projects between countries so as to reduce emissions.

Servitec Medioambiente
Forests as carbon sinks. Proposals for action.

Servitec Medioambiente
Against Climate Change